Please be advised that for any closings you have in the coming days that is a financed property, the lenders are going to be required to order a final inspection even though an appraisal has been completed and the property didn’t incur any damage. This is a “FEMA disaster inspection interior/exterior” due to Horry AND Georgetown Counties being named Federal Disaster areas.

In order not to delay a closing I would speak to any lenders you are working with to make sure they have ordered this inspection.

Re-inspection may be performed by the following:


Homeowners Insurance Company

Licensed Home Inspection Company

The re-inspection must state the property is habitable and contains no evidence of damage based on the exterior inspection.

Any property with damage must be re-inspected by the original Appraiser.

The re-inspection should list necessary repairs.

Repairs must be completed prior to closing, evidenced by a final inspection with photos.

If a conventional or government loan, lender and borrower to sign ‘Lender Certification for Disasters’.

If a VA loan, lender and borrower to sign ‘VA Lender Certification for Disasters’.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or text me at 843-240-0431


Your Myrtle Beach & Pawleys Island Area Realtor,

Jake Lee



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